Born and raised in Spain, Italy and Germany , Marc Di Lauro (24), a charismatic singer and dancer, described himself as “a 100 percent European Native”. His first steps into the music was, as he sang as a schoolboy at the gospel-choir at the monastry-school, where he was. There were no special Artistic-o Theatre-Lesson which he omitted, equally each dance course became occupied by him.


In 2002 he appeared as a Dancer in the TV-Show “The Dome”, which have been watched by 2,5 Mio Fans all over Germany. After this event, he was recovered by a german dance producer. Since 2003 he workes together with the South-American Songwriter David Mayorga Tagle, who wrote some typical Salza-styled Songs for him. One the first was “Boom Boom” which will come out in September as a mayor release in germany.


David also wrote for him a song for the multi-artist and multi-european CD-Project “Welcome To Europe”, which gains highly credibility by the EU and the Government of Baden Würrttemberg. His Song Bienvenidos a Europa“ was chosen as one of 7 tracks in 7 European Languages for this highly regarded Project. The Album will be released in October 2005. Marcs Key-philosophy: “I love to sing, I love to dance – and I love to.



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